A gym and fitness club management solution with features for front desk, customer, and class management, as well as reporting and more.
Cloud-based club management solution that helps fitness businesses manage front desk, customers, reports, payments, online bookings, check-ins, staff & marketing via automated reminders and dashboard.

My Club Notebook is a product that is made for the business owners in the health, fitness and sports industry. Our team has closely studied the different use cases of the businesses and we have come up with different features that help you to grow your business.

Fast & Powerful

Get your gym up & running in less then 10 min

Grow your leads

Save money and time to look for new leads. Store all your customer leads in one place.

Grow & manage your fitness business

On the go business information accessible to you 24/7. Wherever you are, you are in control of your business. .

Increase in customers

10% increase in revenue in the first 6 months by using lead management tool.

Increase in customer engagement
< class="material-design-text">48% response rate from customers to the text messages and email reminders. 
Integrated Payment/POS

Fastrack your collection through easy payment link for memberships and online bookings.

MORE Features

We connect you with customers &
manage your marketing efforts.
Membership Management

Personalized member dashboard enables your members to manage registration, membership renewals, payments, and more with our fitness software for self-service..

Marketing Automation

Attract new customers by managing your leads and growing the lead database, through SMS and social media campaigns.

Staff Information

Manage daily task, roaster for sales staff, trainers and supports staff.

Inquiry Managementn

Monitor all the activities related to inquiries. Create forms for inquiries, keep a track of follow-ups, send SMS to the prospect inquires, have a detailed analysis, etc

Billing & Balance Management

The Invoicing Module includes creation of membership forms, preparing bills and daily sales report, analysis of sales, analysis of balance dues, updating the member details, sending sms to members, etc


Automated reminders and notifications to your customers. Jivine will help you send a message on their birthday. Send messages in bulk.


It's helps in managing the customer records of in your hands

Business owner App

You can manage one centre at one location or multiple centres across locations.Access your business from anywhere.

Memory App

Manage PARQ, schedule, appointments, customer progress etc.

Consumer app

Customer can manage their gym membership, workouts, attandance etc.

Technologies & Services

Myclubnotebook is a high technology company providing engineering support and specialized management for the industry.
We believe fitness isn’t just something you do, it should be who you are and part of a lifestyle you enjoy. Our workout program is designed to help you make fitness a habit. With myclubnotebook, you can get in shape and stay in shape for life.
System Automations
Set up automatic reservation reminders and custom automation messages to go to students and staff through our e-mail and SMS system.
myclubnotebook
The Sign-in Myclubnote book is used to check-in members into a class or as a stand-alone station.
Tuition Management
Our management system automatically adds a member to Profile,Plans,Accounts,Shifts into list upon payments.
Staff Overviews
View staff performance in regards memberships, sales, appointments, classes via barcharts graphs.


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